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Joseph & Amanda’s Engagement Session at the Jefferson Memorial in DC

The Jefferson Memorial is a beautiful and iconic location for engagement photos. It’s the perfect blend of quintessential Washington DC, while also being just far enough off the beaten path to make parking and mobility easy. Additionally, it’s generally less crowded with tourists than other DC monuments, making it an ideal spot for a photoshoot.

One of the things that makes The Jefferson Memorial such a good option is that the walk from the parking lot to the monument is filled with photo opportunities, particularly the George Mason Memorial. This spot is especially nice during the spring and summer months and honestly a pretty good spot all on its own. Additionally, it’s ideal for photos with larger groups, such as family reunions, since the crowds at the busier Jefferson Memorial can sometimes be a problem when there are a lot of people involved. In the spring and summer months, the George Mason Memorial is an especially good spot when it’s surrounded by blooming flowers and a really nice fountain and mini-reflecting pool, though even off-season it’s pretty darn good.

The weather for our shoot couldn’t have been more perfect. It was mostly sunny, with just the right amount of haze to soften the harsh sunlight. This made for the perfect lighting to capture the beauty and history of the Jefferson Memorial and the George Mason Memorial.

We took photos all along our walk from the parking lot to and around the Jefferson Memorial, and eventually ending up back at the George Mason Memorial. We were able to capture a unique and memorable shot of Joseph and Amanda with an airplane landing in the background, which was a fitting nod to the globe-trotting nature of the couple’s relationship.

The Jefferson Memorial and the George Mason Memorial provide picturesque and historic backgrounds for an engagement session and I would highly recommend them to any family or couple looking for a memorable and meaningful location for their engagement photos. The proximity of the two monuments also allows for a variety of shots and a change of scenery. The ample parking and easy mobility make it a convenient and practical location for a photoshoot.