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Michael’s Birthday Portraits at Home

It was a great experience to do a portrait session with Michael at his home for his birthday. His property is truly one of a kind, with a lot of character and charm. The landscaping is impeccable and it’s clear that Michael puts a lot of effort into maintaining it himself. The coy pond nestled among the small wooded area in the back yard is a true standout feature. The gazebo is also an impressive sight, as are the gardens dotted with beautiful aesthetic fixtures.

Inside, the interior of Michael’s home is striking and diverse. The colors are bold, the furniture is eclectic, and the wall art adds an extra layer of interest to the space. It’s clear that Michael has a great eye for design.

As for the shoot, Michael wanted to commemorate his upcoming birthday with a set of personality portraits. He had a few different outfits planned and looked great in all of them. We started in the backyard with him in a cool white linen lounge-wear and some stylish circle-framed glasses that I couldn’t help but envy. Next, he changed into some casual weekend attire and we took some images among his gardens, including a particularly cool shot of him near the coy pond. We used an off-camera flash to create a contemplative mood.

Finally, we did some photos inside the house. Michael looked fresh in a grey suit and black shirt. My favorite image was taken in the gold-laden parlor on a modern purple suede couch. We set up a strobe outside to blast light in through the window, which helped to add dimension to the room and highlight the walls. All in all, it was a great shoot and I’m really happy with the final images.