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Create portraits to help you get noticed in the corporate world, to help you land a job, or to punctuate your professionalism among your peers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a studio?

No, Petruzzo Photography does not maintain a studio, which makes coordinating staff pictures much simpler. We serve our corporate and commercial clients directly in their homes and offices and we are able to create headshots in most environments.

Will you shoot headshots for dating sites?
Absolutely. However, our approach is slightly different. To get the best results, we must shoot outdoors under natural light, and we we look for a playful, highly authentic impressions.


Can I swap outfits during the shoot?
Yes. However, it should be noted that depending where your session takes place, there may not be any officially sanctioned location to change clothes.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes! If you would like to purchase headshots for your whole team, or offer them to conference attendees, we can help.

Where will the photos be taken?
The images will be captured in your home, office or outdoors in any stylistically relevant location. We are happy to provide recommendations.

What should I wear?
For most professionals, we recommend dressing like you would for a meeting with a client, or the way you would for a meeting with your boss. If possible, avoid jet black and pure white, but not if that means you don’t look like yourself. Definitely accessorize–watches, necklaces, decorative scarves, all add personality and dimension to your portrait.

How long does it take to see the images?
Standard turn around time is 10 days or less. Where there are deadline constraints, we make every effort to return those images quickly. Guaranteed rush delivery is also available for additional cost.

How many images will I have to choose from?
For individual sessions, you can expect to have around 10-15 images to choose from. For group sessions, it’s typical to have 3-6 different images to choose from.

How much does it cost to license images from my session?
Individual sessions include one licensed image, and group sessions include four. Additional images may be licensed for $49/image, or $299/hour to license all the images.

How can I use the images you create?
Your license will allow for unlimited royalty free use of the images. Unless you’ve made special arrangements, the only limitation is against reselling or sub licensing the images.

Do you provide video services?
This is not a service we provide in house, however, we will be happy to arrange this service on your behalf to simplify your effort.

Will you Photoshop my images?
We will remove non-permanent blemishes during processing, and may slightly soften skin where it appears unrealistically rough. We are able to conduct more in depth adjustments as well for additional cost.

I have a specific concept in mind, can you help?
Definitely! We try to deliver a uniqueness to each of our clients and love the opportunity to help fill in your vision!

Should I feel nervous and self-conscious about getting a headshot?
No, of course not! You’re going to have a great time, you’re going to do great, and you’re going to look great! And, you’ll be one step closer to where you want to be!


Always Shooting On Location

We make portraits simple  by helping you avoid an awkward trip to the studio. Your photographer will come to you either in your home, office, or even conference location.


Flexible Sessions for Everyone

Business portraits can include as many or as few people as necessary, and flexible billing allows you to add and remove people from the shoot as necessary.


Impressing The People That Matter

We put great energy into photographing our clients so that we can showcase their authentic selves, while taking into consideration the audience they hope will notice.

Shooting When the Time is Right

We know it can be hard for professionals and teams to coordinate the best time for team portraits, that’s why we’re available whenever the time is right, as early as 6:00am and as late as 11:00pm.

The services offered by Petruzzo Photography went beyond my expectations! They delivered high-quality services with a fast


Direct Sales Advisor

I came to Petruzzo Photography to update my corporate headshot. William was quite knowledgeable, talented, kind, and patient. I felt like I was a part of the process and learned a lot about different ways to take a great photo. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking to get headshots (or any other event, really!) My pictures turned out wonderfully, and I feel like he was able to capture what is really “me”. Thanks so much!


Office Manager

William Petruzzo is an enthusiastic and talented photographer. He took portraits of me in no less than three locations in my home. We were moving furniture out of the way to get just the right shot. The shoot lasted for over an hour. I got just the images I was seeking for a good price.



William has done many photo shoots for our company… in our customers’ homes. Not only were the photos fantastic, and exactly what we asked for, but our customers always mention how courteous and professional he was.


Executive Assistant

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