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Kaitlin & Brandon’s Wedding

at Renditions Golf Course

on May 6, 2023

In this blog post, you’ll get an up-close look at Kaitlin and Brandon’s wedding day held at the scenic Renditions Golf Course, from the perspective of Felipe and I, their photographers. We kick off with a first look that sets the tone for the day. Felipe and I, making our debut at this venue, navigated its unique challenges to capture moments that mattered most to the couple. The ceremony, officiated by a close friend, was followed by a reception that had everyone on their feet. The post is filled with vendor shoutouts, from the in-house catering team at Renditions to DJ Manila who kept the dance floor buzzing, and a stunning traditional wedding cake from Graul’s Annapolis. And if you’re looking for more, there’s a gallery with over 150 images to explore.

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Contributing Vendors

First Look

Felipe and I arrived at Renditions Golf Course about 45 minutes early. It was our first time covering a wedding at this venue. The early arrival gave us ample time to scout the location. Kaitlin and Brandon hadn’t arrived yet, which allowed us to think through our approach for the day. The venue is stunning, but the high sun posed some lighting challenges, narrowing our options for photo spots. Kaitlin & Brandon were not interested in visiting some of the golf course’s more scenic spots, such as its iconic stone bridge, which was about a 10-minute golf cart ride into the course. So, we focused on finding photo opportunities near the reception hall.

We chose the back patio for the first look. It provided enough shade to counter the harsh sunlight and also offered a practical pathway for Kaitlin to walk up behind Brandon. When Kaitlin and Brandon arrived, we began our coverage with the first look. It was a touching moment. We gave them a few minutes to be with each other before moving on.

Portraits Before the Ceremony

Portraits weren’t Kaitlin and Brandon’s main focus, but we allocated enough time for some quality shots. We started with the entire wedding party on the back patio where the first look had just taken place, then Felipe and I then went our separate ways, sticking to our traditional workflow. Felipe stayed on the patio with the groomsmen. He built on the large group shot we’d just taken and explored different angles in the immediate area. The resulting photos were a mix of formal and personality-rich shots in classic groomsman style.

I led the bridesmaids past the reception hall to a large weeping willow tree. The tree’s wispy shapes and the shade it provided made it one of the best spots on the property for portraits. I captured some solo shots of Kaitlin before incorporating her bridesmaids. We also ventured onto a putting green for a shot with the venue in the background.

Before we wrapped up, the light had shifted enough near the venue to warrant one more group shot.

The Ceremony

By the time we finished with portraits, guests had started to arrive. We let Kaitlin hide while Felipe and I prepared for the ceremony. Felipe got some nice shots of Brandon by himself, and I caught a cool photo of one of the groomsmen looking especially dapper in his sunglasses. As guests filtered onto the putting green where the ceremony was to take place, I sent up a drone for some quick aerial shots.

Austin, a close friend of the couple whose wedding we’d also covered more than a decade ago, officiated the ceremony. Family members gave readings, and a bridesmaid sang a song. The ceremony concluded with a ring exchange and a traditional kiss. It was straightforward but meaningful.

Portraits After the Ceremony

After the ceremony, we spent about 45 minutes capturing family portraits on the putting green. We reoriented slightly to better manage the bright mid-afternoon sun. I used a strobe on a stand to help balance out the harsh shadows.

With family portraits finished up, I took Kaitlin and Brandon back to the willow tree for some relaxed couple’s photos. They seemed relieved; the most emotionally weighty part of the day was behind them.

We wrapped up the portraits in time for them to join the cocktail hour. Felipe and I took turns capturing the interior setup before it got too crowded. The classic wedding cake from Graul’s Market was already in place and looked fantastic.

The Reception

The reception kicked off with brief introductions, followed by a toast from Kaitlin’s dad. Dinner was served buffet style by the in-house catering team at Renditions. The food was both visually appealing and delicious. During dinner, Felipe and I moved from table to table, taking quick photos of the guests. It’s a practice that interrupts dinner briefly but is highly appreciated by our clients.

After Kaitlin and Brandon had a chance to eat, we had about 5 minutes to go outside and capture a few quick portraits with the sun that was now setting and giving us a beautiful sky.

After dinner, the best man and several bridesmaids gave toasts. No jokes, just genuine sentiments.

The cake was cut shortly after, with little ceremony. Kaitlin and Brandon were eager to get to the cake, and who could blame them? The dance floor opened up, and DJ Manila kept the energy high. The patio was also a popular spot, with guests enjoying cigars and drinks in the comfortable nighttime air.

Shooting Kaitlin and Brandon’s wedding was a privilege. Exploring a new venue like Renditions was an added bonus. Cheers to Kaitlin and Brandon, here’s to the start of something very special.

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