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Graul’s Market, with its longstanding history, has been serving the community for over 45 years. One of the standout services they offer is their custom cake department, which has been a significant part of countless weddings and special occasions. The market prides itself on its ability to craft custom cakes tailored to the unique visions of brides and grooms. Their experienced associates, who staff the various departments, are well-equipped to handle custom orders, ensuring that each cake is a reflection of the couple’s dream.

The market’s approach to custom cakes is rooted in creativity. They encourage their customers to be imaginative in their designs, ensuring that each cake is as unique as the event it celebrates. While specific prices for these custom creations are not listed on their site, potential customers are advised to contact their store directly for detailed pricing information.

In addition to their custom cakes, Graul’s Market offers a range of other bakery products. Their homemade cookies, for instance, are crafted with fresh ingredients, including real butter, fresh nuts, and high-quality chocolates. The cookie range includes Almond Macaroons, Chocolate Chunk, Harvest, Heath Bar, Jelly Filled, Oatmeal, Royal, and Shortbread, among others. Another notable product is their Chocolate Lovers Tray, which features an assortment of homemade Eclairs, Black Bottoms, and Brownies.

Graul’s Market also offers a comprehensive range of products and services, from fresh fish & seafood to deli favorites and prepared foods. Their motto, “We’d rather be good than big,” underscores their commitment to quality over quantity, ensuring that each product and service they offer meets the highest standards.

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