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DJ Manila, born in the Philippines, is an open-format DJ who initially gained recognition in the local nightlife scenes of Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland. He began his career performing in various bars and clubs, where he honed his skills and developed a following. DJ Manila’s musical influences are diverse, ranging from the iconic turntable skills of DJ AM to the timeless compositions of The Beatles. This wide-ranging musical palette allows him to cater to a broad audience, making him a versatile choice for various events.

One of the defining aspects of DJ Manila’s career is his passion for creating an upbeat environment through music. He believes that being a DJ is not just about playing tracks but also about setting the mood and energy level for an event. His enthusiasm for music and atmosphere is evident in his performances, which aim to engage the audience and elevate the overall experience.

In addition to his DJing capabilities, DJ Manila offers audio engineering services that extend beyond the dance floor. He has the technical expertise to manage sound systems for speeches, toasts, and ceremonies, ensuring clear audio quality and a seamless experience for attendees.

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