Felipe Sanchez

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in Crofton Maryland

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Favorite Piece of Gear:

Ninja Stars. Or, better answer though, the 50mm f/1.4. It’s versatile, lightweight and keeps surprising me with the kinds of images I can get with it.

Favorite Style of Photography:

I definitely prefer images that show some kind of motion.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows:

I love complex television shows that make big ideas simple. I’m a big fan of character development.  Arrested Development and Roseanne are some of my favorite TV shows, and the same goes for movies such as The Walk, and Room.

Favorite Artists:

Some of my favorite artists aren’t too far away, I’m deeply inspired by those that I know. In the mainstream, I have to say Jamie Hewlett, the comic book artist behind The Gorillaz. Also, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who wrote The Little Prince. And I can’t forget about Andrew Bird & Sufjan Stevens for their music, and Nick Brandt for his astonishing wildlife photography.


Biggest Influence:

My faith in Jesus. My family who have sacrificed a lot for me. The unknown other who might one day be very important to me. People who can live simply and selflessly.

What do you like to do on a day off:

Oversleep but appreciating the awake time investing in home chores and self improvement.

Standard Advice:

“In our humble human flaws we can find the strengths we might’ve never knew were there.”

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Felipe’s Recent Shoots

A Newborn In The Forest Family Portrait

A Newborn In The Forest Family Portrait

This is another outstanding session from Felipe, taken during last year's beautiful autumn weather in the wooded area behind this new family's home. Felipe had the privilege of shooting this couple's wedding a while back, and when they found out they were going to be...

Red Family Portrait Session

Red Family Portrait Session

Felipe has had the pleasure of working with this family for several years now. It's always rewarding to see where the next session takes you, how kids will grow up between sessions, and how you've changed as a photographer. This year, Felipe started shooting inside...

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Looking Back at Our Favorite Images From 2016

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