Felipe Sanchez

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in Crofton Maryland

Shooting Since:


Favorite Piece of Gear:

Ninja Stars. Or, better answer though, the 50mm f/1.4. It’s versatile, lightweight and keeps surprising me with the kinds of images I can get with it.

Favorite Style of Photography:

I definitely prefer images that show some kind of motion.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows:

I love complex television shows that make big ideas simple. I’m a big fan of character development.  Arrested Development and Roseanne are some of my favorite TV shows, and the same goes for movies such as The Walk, and Room.

Favorite Artists:

Some of my favorite artists aren’t too far away, I’m deeply inspired by those that I know. In the mainstream, I have to say Jamie Hewlett, the comic book artist behind The Gorillaz. Also, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who wrote The Little Prince. And I can’t forget about Andrew Bird & Sufjan Stevens for their music, and Nick Brandt for his astonishing wildlife photography.


Biggest Influence:

My faith in Jesus. My family who have sacrificed a lot for me. The unknown other who might one day be very important to me. People who can live simply and selflessly.

What do you like to do on a day off:

Oversleep but appreciating the awake time investing in home chores and self improvement.

Standard Advice:

“In our humble human flaws we can find the strengths we might’ve never knew were there.”

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Felipe’s Recent Shoots

Kennedy Center Engagement Session | Aaron & Maariya

Kennedy Center Engagement Session | Aaron & Maariya

Late last month, this beautiful couple finally tied the knot and Felipe & Greg were there to capture the festivities. But, before that Felipe met up with them at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for a romantic and scenic engagement session. The trio started...