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Jefferson-Patterson Park

10515 Mackall Rd,
St Leonard, MD 20685
Great for Portraits & Events
but not in our standard portraits service area.

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Located in Calvert County, Maryland, the Jefferson-Patterson Park and Museum spans across a sprawling 560-acre area that offers a rich historical experience and a stunning backdrop for portrait photography. The park, which was once a colonial plantation, was named in honor of its two previous owners, the Jefferson and Patterson families. A combination of its storied past and natural beauty make this park an ideal location for all sorts of portraits, from family photos to wedding sessions.

The history of Jefferson-Patterson Park dates back to 1608 when Captain John Smith first explored the land along the Patuxent River. Over the years, the property has witnessed numerous historical events, including the War of 1812’s Battle of St. Leonard Creek. The land was later acquired by the Jefferson family in the 19th century, who established a prosperous tobacco plantation. In the 20th century, the property was purchased by Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, a noted photojournalist, and philanthropist, who later donated the land to the state of Maryland in 1983.

Today, the Jefferson-Patterson Park and Museum is dedicated to preserving the region’s cultural and natural heritage. The park is home to over 70 archaeological sites and 9,000 years of documented human history. Visitors can explore the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, the Indian Village, and the restored 1933 farm, which showcase the area’s rich past. The park also hosts numerous educational and cultural programs throughout the year, engaging visitors of all ages in its historical significance.

One of the main draws of Jefferson-Patterson Park is its breathtaking landscape, making it a sought-after destination for portrait photography. The park features a diverse array of picturesque settings, including the pristine shoreline, rolling meadows, wooded areas, and well-preserved historic buildings. This scenic variety allows photographers to capture stunning images that reflect the unique personalities and stories of their subjects.

It is important to note that to fully experience the beauty of Jefferson-Patterson Park and take advantage of its diverse portrait settings, visitors should be prepared for a considerable amount of walking. The park’s vast acreage and numerous points of interest make comfortable shoes and a willingness to explore essential for an enjoyable visit.

Location Limitations:

Some areas of the park host events on Fridays and Saturdays, and those areas will be inaccessible at those times. Additionally, this location is vast and may require significant walking to reach the best spots.

Jefferson-Patterson Park

10515 Mackall Rd
St Leonard, MD 20685

Portrait Permits & Costs

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Portraits Service Area:

Jefferson-Patterson Park is not in our standard portraits service area and will require a travel charge to hold your portrait session here.

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Event Bookings:
Best from:
April – November

Parking info:

Parking is available on-site in various parking lots throughout the park, as well as along roadsides in various places. Discuss with your photographer where you intend to begin your session and park in the closest location.

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