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Historic Savage Mill

8600 Foundry St,
Savage, MD 20763
Great for Portraits & Events
and in our standard portraits service area.

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Savage Mill, located near Laurel in Savage, Maryland, has a dense history that dates back to the mid-1800s. The building itself is very large and is primarily constructed from brick and iron, with landscaping that ranges from rustic to pristine. The mill has an old-world feel that gives the impression of a bygone industrial era. The location is perfect for portraits and events due to its unique features and low foot traffic.

The mill’s large size and unique architectural style make it unique among portrait options in the area. There are outdoor courtyards throughout the mill that provide great backdrops for various kinds of portraits. These courtyards can be perfect for family, engagement, or individual portraits. Indoor spaces may also be available at times, though the interior in many areas is less visually striking.

Behind the building, visitors can enjoy a winding walking trail that follows the shoreline of the Little Patuxent River. The trail passes by interesting stone ruins of industrial buildings and ends at the ruins of the old brick mill structure, which is densely coated in unique and bold graffiti. Visitors should be very aware of the dangers inherent in this type of structure, and know that it is not safe for children, and perhaps even some adults.

Savage Mill also boasts an old historic train bridge along Foundry Street, which makes a beautiful backdrop, especially for headshots and engagement portraits. Photographers can also take advantage of the mill’s unique features, such as the large, industrial windows and exposed brick walls.

The mill also hosts an elegant wedding venue in the Great Room, complete with a cocktail hour deck and quick access to all of Savage Mill’s interesting portrait locations. The Great Room is a beautiful space with high ceilings, wooden beams, and large windows, making it the perfect backdrop for weddings and other events.

Location Limitations:

Because the location is so large, it will be necessary to decide whether you would like to capture images around the mill itself, or if you would prefer to capture images along the river below the mill. The aesthetics of these two options are very different and time will typically not allow for both.

Historic Savage Mill

8600 Foundry St
Savage, MD 20763
(410) 792-2820

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Historic Savage Mill isĀ in our standard portraits service area.


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Parking is available in the main lot immediately off the circle on Foundry St, which is where we recommend that you meet your photographer and begin your session. Additional parking, and quick access to the back of the building and the rustic trails behind Savage Mill can be found at the end of Washington Street, at the intersection of Fair St.

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Captured at Historic Savage Mill

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