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Stone Ridge Hollow

914 Walters Mill Rd ,
Forest Hill, MD 21050
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Stone Ridge Hollow, situated in Forest Hill, Maryland, is a venue that beautifully marries country charm with rural elegance. This 125-acre property, rich in history, provides a picturesque setting for various events, including weddings and meetings.

The venue’s history is deeply intertwined with the land it occupies. Over time, it has evolved from a humble countryside location to a sought-after event venue. Its rustic charm, characterized by hardwood floors, thick wooden beams, and hanging chandeliers, has been preserved and enhanced, creating a location that narrates a tale of time and tradition.

Today, Stone Ridge Hollow stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of the past and the present. The venue is equipped with modern amenities such as central heating and air conditioning, ensuring comfort and convenience for guests throughout the year. Its location in Forest Hill, a serene city in Maryland, adds to its appeal, providing a tranquil environment away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Stone Ridge Hollow offers more than just a venue for events. Its grand event hall spans a spacious 3250 square feet, with an additional 1300 square foot bonus area equipped with a custom granite bar. The venue also offers the option of planning outdoor ceremonies overlooking its beautiful ponds, adding a touch of nature to any event.

The benefits of using Stone Ridge Hollow for events such as weddings and meetings are manifold. The venue’s rustic charm provides a unique backdrop that lends a touch of elegance and warmth to any event. The vast outdoor space allows for flexibility in event planning, accommodating both large gatherings and intimate ceremonies. The natural beauty of the location also makes it an ideal setting for event photography, capturing memorable moments against the backdrop of the countryside.

However, like any location, Stone Ridge Hollow has its limitations. Its rural setting, while serene and beautiful, may pose logistical challenges in terms of transportation and accessibility for guests. Additionally, the venue’s rustic aesthetic may not align with all event themes or personal preferences.

Stone Ridge Hollow also offers packages for micro weddings and elopements, providing a stunning background for intimate “I Do’s”. These packages include an officiant, day-of coordinator, and more, catering to smaller, more personal events.

Stone Ridge Hollow

914 Walters Mill Rd
Forest Hill, MD 21050
(443) 504-7076

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Parking is available in the large lot directly adjacent to the main venue hall.

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