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A wedding cake with a pumpkin on top, created by Cakes by Krissy.

In the diverse landscape of baking, there exists a spectrum of bakers, from those who adhere strictly to recipes to those who venture into the realm of customized creations. Kristine Jones, the individual behind Cakes by Krissy, operates within this spectrum. She manages a private bakery and offers on-demand cake services without the presence of a traditional storefront or a digital platform.

Kristine’s approach to baking is rooted in the quality of her work, with her reputation primarily built on the feedback and recommendations of her clientele. A significant portion of her offerings is dedicated to wedding cakes, each tailored to specific requests. However, her services extend beyond just weddings. She also caters to other occasions such as birthdays and graduations, providing cakes tailored to each event’s specifications.

A notable aspect of Kristine’s work is her utilization of various techniques to achieve her confectionary designs. These techniques allow for a range of details, from intricate patterns to more general designs, ensuring each cake aligns with the occasion it’s meant for. Beyond the visual appeal, the flavor and texture of her cakes are crafted to meet standard expectations.

Kristine’s repertoire also includes customized cupcakes. These cupcakes come in a variety of designs and flavors. While classic flavors are a staple, she also incorporates seasonal blends, such as pumpkin spice, to provide a range of options throughout the year.

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