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Cipploa Rossa Woodfired Pizza

Cipolla Rossa is a distinctive wood-fired pizza experience that brings the authenticity of Italian wood-fired ovens on wheels to special events and more. This family-run venture is renowned for its artisanal pizzas, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. At the heart of their offerings is the fresh dough, made from scratch without any preservatives. They take pride in using local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each pizza is a burst of fresh flavors. The crust, a vital component of their pizzas, stands out due to the use of organic flours and natural yeasts, which impart a unique flavor and texture.

The business is steered by Josh Anson, the owner and Pizzaiolo, who brings over two decades of culinary experience to the table. Having worked in diverse kitchens across New York City, Atlanta, Miami, New England, and Washington DC, Josh’s expertise is evident in every slice of pizza served. His credentials are further bolstered by his graduation from The Culinary Institute of America and his commendable 11th place finish at The International Pizza Expo in Atlantic City, NJ, in 2019. Alongside Josh, Jaci, fondly referred to as “Momma Rossa,” plays a pivotal role in shaping the business with her vast life experiences and business acumen.

Cipolla Rossa’s services extend beyond just serving pizzas. They specialize in catering for a variety of events, from weddings and rehearsal dinners to corporate events and birthdays. Their mission is to craft a memorable dining experience for their patrons. The team’s dedication to their craft is evident in their commitment to working closely with clients, ensuring that the menu resonates with the essence of the occasion.

The business has garnered significant acclaim from patrons, many of whom have chosen Cipolla Rossa for their special events. Their pizzas, characterized by their perfectly cooked, thin crusts, have left an indelible mark on many, making Cipolla Rossa a sought-after name in the Tampa / Saint Petersburg area.

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