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Jackie's Design

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Jackie’s Design Hair & Skin Studio is a boutique establishment situated in the shopping village of historic West Annapolis. Founded in 2017 by Jackie Nuñez, the studio was conceptualized to provide specialized services in hair and skin care. The studio is staffed by an all-female team, consisting of stylists, colorists, aestheticians, lash artists, and makeup artists. Each member of the team has specific expertise in their domain.

Over the years, Jackie’s Design Hair & Skin Studio has received recognition for its services, notably in hair color, Brazilian Blow-Out, and bridal hair styling. The studio offers a variety of salon services. Additionally, for special occasions, the studio provides on-site hair and makeup services. This includes events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, where the team offers hair and makeup services tailored to the event’s requirements.

Another area of focus for the studio is hair replacement. Jackie, having a keen interest in addressing Alopecia and hair loss, provides guidance on hair replacement options. The studio offers a range of solutions, including custom hairpieces, vacuum prosthesis, integration pieces, and toppers. With over a decade of experience in this field, Jackie has collaborated with clients not only in the Eastern United States but also in Europe. Her expertise in the industry is geared towards assisting clients in making informed decisions about the color, texture, and length of hair that best suits their needs.

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