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Smokin Willy BBQ

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Smokin Willy Catering is a catering company and restaurant that offers services for events accommodating up to 2,000 participants. The company’s infrastructure allows it to manage multiple events concurrently, with the capability to cater to five weddings on the same day. Over the course of a year, they cater to more than 120 weddings, alongside corporate and private events.

While the name suggests a focus on barbecue, Smokin Willy’s culinary range is broad. Their menu encompasses a variety of dishes, including upscale items. The culinary team prepares dishes such as plated meals, seafood, and steaks. A distinguishing feature of their service is the on-site preparation of meals using large charcoal grills, as opposed to off-site kitchens.

The company comprises various departments, including sales, warehouse operations, culinary, and event management. Each department plays a role in the event execution process, from initial planning to the conclusion of the event. In addition to catering, Smokin Willy provides event planning services, equipment rentals, and wedding-specific offerings. They also have a section for client testimonials on their platform.

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