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Stylists at North

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Stylists at North is a revolutionary lifestyle studio that redefines the traditional salon model by embracing simplicity, creativity, and intimacy. This innovative salon helps clients discover their unique style through a blend of timeless techniques and industry innovation, providing an experience that leaves them feeling relaxed, radiant, and inspired.

As a proud member of Green Circle Salons, Stylists at North is committed to sustainability and combating climate change. The salon has successfully diverted hundreds of pounds of solid waste material, excess color waste, and other materials, demonstrating its dedication to environmental responsibility.

Stylists at North is also an esteemed member of Intercoiffure, the North American beauty industry’s most prestigious professional association. Founded in 1933, Intercoiffure comprises over 300 high-level salon owners who are trendsetters in hair, beauty, and fashion. Members of Intercoiffure are renowned for their creative work, quality, and professional expertise, setting the standard for salons worldwide.

The salon maintains a safe and respectful environment for both staff and clients through its zero-tolerance bullying policy. It also has a fair cancellation policy and a return policy for any questions or concerns about services or products. The salon caters to guests aged 15 years and older and is happy to provide hair care recommendations for younger clients.

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