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Sweet Crimes Bakery

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Sweet Crimes Bakery stands out as a dedicated gluten-free bakery, offering a cozy café ambiance for its patrons. The bakery’s display case is always brimming with popular staple items like donuts and carrot cake, complemented by their monthly specials. As an innovative Test Kitchen, Sweet Crimes is in a perpetual state of creation, ensuring that both the bakery and its customers are always treated to something new and exciting. The foundation of their success lies in their proprietary pastry flour blend, a product of their very first experiment.

Visitors to the bakery can indulge in made-to-order pizzas and sandwiches. For those seeking something more personalized, Sweet Crimes specializes in crafting beautiful custom cakes. Whether it’s for a wedding or a unique novelty cake, the bakery is always up for the challenge of bringing intricate cake designs to life.

The café’s baristas, skilled in their craft, ensure that every beverage served is made with utmost care and love. For those who prefer an outdoor setting, there’s a spacious patio at the back, perfect for relaxation. However, it’s worth noting that pets, especially dogs, aren’t permitted on the patio due to the establishment’s layout.

In addition to their regular offerings, Sweet Crimes also provides catering services, ensuring that special occasions are complemented by their delectable treats. Whether it’s a casual visit or a grand celebration, Sweet Crimes Bakery promises an experience that’s both delightful and memorable.

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