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Sweet Eden's Bakeshop


Established in 2018, Sweet Eden Bakeshop originated as a home-based cake baking venture known initially as Kendra’s Confections. The establishment was later renamed following the approval of a business plan and the acquisition of financial backing. The bakery has focused on broadening its customer base beyond its immediate local area, with the support of the owner’s personal network playing a critical role in its development.

Located in Severn, Maryland, the bakery is dedicated to bringing happiness to the local community, positioning itself as a source of cheer through its confectionery products. Sweet Eden Bakeshop prides itself on its from-scratch preparation method, crafting desserts using premium ingredients to ensure freshness and flavor without excessive sweetness. The products are crafted to honor both significant occasions and the simple pleasures of life, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and taste.

The bakery’s founder, Kendra, hails from Hanover, Maryland, and her early interest in baking was sparked by her mother’s homemade birthday cakes. This interest evolved into a professional pursuit, leading her to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts. With over two decades of industry experience, including time spent at high-profile hotels, Kendra has since shifted her focus to her own business following the birth of her child.

Sweet Eden Bakeshop’s repertoire includes an assortment of sweet treats such as bespoke cakes, cupcakes, and an array of French macarons, as well as assorted displays for cookies, brownies, mini tarts, and cake pops. The bakery also caters to matrimonial events, providing services like cake tastings and design consultations to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for those planning their nuptials. Beyond classic wedding cakes, the bakery offers contemporary options like dessert tables and personalized favors, including color-coordinated macarons and cake pops.

The ethos of Sweet Eden Bakeshop is to craft personalized experiences for each occasion and patron, with the intention of being an integral part of both celebratory and everyday moments. The bakery embraces the philosophy that there are daily opportunities for gratitude, and its confections serve as a medium for self-indulgence and celebration.

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