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The Little Garden Spot

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The Little Garden Spot, located in Northern Virginia, is a floral design enterprise that specializes in wedding floristry. Serving the broader regions of Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, this establishment has established itself in the domain of floral arrangements. The business’s approach to floristry involves transforming flowers, which have traveled significant distances in buckets, into detailed and refined arrangements.

Deborah Hudgens is the driving force behind The Little Garden Spot. Her philosophy towards floral design emphasizes the harmonious blend of art and nature. This belief is not just personal but is deeply ingrained in the business’s ethos. Each floral piece crafted under her guidance is a reflection of this blend, where beauty and elegance merge seamlessly with nature’s raw essence.

The Little Garden Spot has received commendable feedback from its clientele. These testimonials shed light on Deborah’s expertise as a florist and her ability to capture and execute clients’ visions for their events. Some clients have highlighted her capability to produce luxurious-looking arrangements within specified budgets. Others have noted her dedication to ensuring that the floral designs become a memorable and integral part of their events.

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