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Felipe Sanchez: “My parent’s effort to draw us closer together was my favorite memory of Christmas”

Last week, Greg & Erik shared some of their thoughts on Christmas as a kid. Today, Felipe shares. Check out Greg’s post, and Erik’s post.

There are many things I loved from my childhood, Christmas time was one of those special things. Although Christmas in Colombia is celebrated a little different than Christmas here in the U.S. For starters, Santa wasn’t really a thing. Sure, people know of Santa, “Papa Noel”, in Colombia but in our culture in my hometown Duitama, it is the tradition that baby Jesus actually brings us all our gifts himself.

Like most all Christmas traditions, the important thing as kids is that we get ours right? Afterall, that’s what everybody wishes out of this time of year. But it’s the personal gifts (not just the material ones), it’s the surprise and excitement of giving and receiving intentions toward those that are close to us. For a couple of days we invest even more into building relationships to bond us stronger with those special people.

Even if my family couldn’t afford fancy presents, I still always got something that they knew I’d like. My parents always tried to make it a special time in whatever financial condition they found themselves in, they provided for me and my sister with great memories and moments that we’ll cherish forever. Those efforts by my parents, to draw our family closer together is probably the thing that I always loved most about Christmas.

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