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Greg Ferko: “I’m looking foreword to this Christmas, more than any other”

In these days leading up to Christmas, each of the Petruzzo Photography shooters are taking some time to share a little something from their Christmas past, and their thoughts on Christmas present.

Here’s what Greg Ferko had to say:


When I was younger Christmas was all about one thing and one thing only. I mean what else was there to look forward to besides getting some cool stuff and showing it off to all your friends? As I got a little older though, Dec. 25th started to take on a lot more meaning. Between Religious beliefs, family get togethers, Awesome movies, and of course, classic music, I sort of molded together this formula for what the holiday season looks like.


Now, at 29 years old I have a family of my own. My two year old daughter, my beautiful wife, and our soon to arrive son, It seems as though my “formula” for the holidays has kind of been flipped upside down.


My little girl is just old enough that I can see that her excitement is real and not just a queued response from me or her mommy. I love seeing her light up with joy when she opens up a gift, or when she sees something that makes her super happy (like cookies). So this Christmas I guess I’m kind of focussing in on my own personal little family and a little less on the hustle and bustle all of that other stuff that comes with the season and I have to say, it feels pretty good.


honestly Im super exited about this Christmas in a way that I haven’t been for years. Maybe its because my current place in life has given me a little more “reason for the season”, or maybe its just because I get to relive my childhood over again vicariously threw my own kids. Either way I’m looking foreword to this Christmas more than any other before it, and it’s very exciting.

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