Gregory Earl Ferko

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in Crownsville, MD

Shooting Since:


Favorite Piece of Gear:

Anything that I can craft together to make things more simple/personal to my style of shooting. But if I had to chose one thing I’ll have to go with my iPhone. This thing can control my DSLR, It takes incredible pictures under the right circumstance, and some of the best videos I’ve ever taken were shot on my iPhone. 

Favorite Style of Photography:

I love shooting portraits. Moody, bubbly, standard, or conceptualized I just enjoy interacting with people and working with them to find just the right pose or angle to convey the right emotion.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows:

Anything Pixar ( Inside out made me cry ), Rope by Alfred Hitchcock, anything with Bill Merry in it, and Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, this list could go on for a very long time, I Love movies. Also, for TV, I like New Girl because Zooey Deschanel is great, and I like home makeover type shows.

Favorite Artists:

Banksy, Christafer Knolin, my cousin Caleb Perdew, Casey Neistat. A lot of my favorite artists are film makers and it would be a really long list. Basically anyone who can make me feel emotional for seemingly no reason.

Biggest Influence:

I can find value in any photograph that I didn’t shoot myself. But if I only had one source of Inspiration right now it would be Casey Neistat. His not exactly a photographer but the mans artistic drive and overall work ethic are incredible.

On The Days Off

I’m a family man, there’s no such thing as days off :)

Standard Advice:

“Make everything you do and every tool you use YOURS. Never accept that someone who has never met you knows best how you should produce your art.”

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