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Our Sunrise Engagement Session in Old Town Alexandria

Once upon a time, Kendra & Rob were thinking of having us fly out to Las Vegas to shoot their wedding. Shooting weddings in other states is something we love doing and they were very fond of some work we’d done for a friend of theirs. We discussed some options for a while but ultimately decided it wasn’t the best option for their situation. While still in town though, they decided to bring us in to shoot some engagement photos.

Kendra had one specific photo she wanted to use for save the dates cards. Kendra & Rob’s parents were both married on the same day, and Kendra & Rob were going to carry the tradition on using the same date in 2016. So to honor the connection, Kendra wanted a photo of the two of them that featured pictures from both of their parent’s weddings. I love doing this kind of thing. I’m all about folding more layers of meaning into the images we create. But I didn’t really want to shoot the same old couple-in-love-holding-picture-frames photos.

After brainstorming a bit, I had a vision I liked. I wanted the frames to ‘float’ in mid air and I wanted Kendra & Rob to be inside one of them. With a bit of planning and coordination, we got this photo. We added some behind the scenes photos to see how we did it too.

how it was shot sunrise engagement photo by petruzzo photography

The session, which was originally scheduled for Mother’s Day, proved to be an unworkable timeframe. In rare fashion, the significance of the date we were scheduling slipped my mind. Although I didn’t have other plans for the timeframe, the key photo we wanted to create would require a mostly vacant place to shoot and a lot of space to work with–a rarity in a beautiful park on Mother’s Day. We rescheduled for a Monday morning at about 6:00am at the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria.

Felipe came along to help keep things moving quickly enough for Rob to leave and get to work on time. We I arrived early, spent some time planning and capturing the sunrise on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. It was beautiful and refreshing and such a wonderful time together! :)

Check out the highlights below!