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A Wedding From Greg & Erik at Governor Calvert House in Annapolis

A few months ago, Greg & Erik worked together to cover a beautiful wedding at the Governor Calvert House in Annapolis. This couple had their focus on their loved ones and their guests—eschewing extensive formals for a wedding reception full of energy and closeness. Although it rained on the wedding day, Greg found an awning behind the venue that made a nice location to support the few formals the couple was interested in.

This couple went with non-traditional, mixed wedding parties, proving there’s no reason a wedding party needs to be all men or all women. It really doesn’t make a difference—couples should make their wedding party out of the most important people in their lives, details be damned!

One of the amazing features of Governor Calvert House, besides being architecturally unique for a wedding venue, is the main hall where ceremonies take place. It has a gigantic mural of the capital building which lines up, approximately,¬†with the view you’d have of the capitol, were the building on there. It makes for some truly striking ceremony photos, and for daytime weddings, a large window adjacent to the front of the room creates beautiful natural light. In the case of this wedding, the rain brought the late evening light in early and a flash unit proved necessary, but regardless, the images turned out beautifully.

Check out a selection of some of our favorite photos from¬†this couple’s wedding day. And, if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer and are interested in learning more about Greg & Erik, or our other members, visit the Wedding Photography page here on our website, or just shoot us an email. We’d love to start a conversation with you!

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