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Remember When the World Was Colorful? A Fall Session from Felipe

The Washington DC area has been in a deep freeze for the last couple of weeks; just an absolutely brutal cold season. My phone is telling me that it feels like it’s -2 degrees outside. Luckily, this season gives us the chance to hunker down and stay warm for a few weeks, enjoying the memory of more temperate times. It’s blog-season for photographers!

Back while there was still color on the trees, and the sun wasn’t rushing out so early, Felipe met up with this beautiful family for a session at a local park near their home. Felipe loves to use simple, understated props to help emphasize the personal relationships between the people in his images—in this case, blankets these three sister’s huddled under to keep off the autumn chill. As a certain matter of principle, we avoid contriving props for the sake of a specific aesthetic, instead preferring to lean on objects of some meaning to our subject and the real lives they live. The images come away with an authentic quality in our subject’s persona that a heavier stylistic hand would overpower. Less is often more!

Check out some of our favorite shots from Felipe’s session with this family. And, if you’d like to learn more about Felipe, or are interested in scheduling a portrait session, check out the Portraits page on our website! We’d love to hear from you!