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Glenview Mansion Family Portraits | Felipe with Shana & Daniel’s Family

It was that time of year again for the family portrait session with one of Felipe’s favorite clients, going for so many years it’s hard to keep count! The children have multiplied and grown, and together they decided to revisit an old favorite, the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, MD. Glenview is a great place for a family session because while it’s quite large, nothing is all that far away from anything else, so It’s easy to keep moving at the kids pace, without running out of cool stuff to work with.

One of the things Felipe always manages to capture during his family sessions, and especially with families like this one that he’s been working with year after year, is the kind of idiosyncratic way relationships overlap, grow and change with time. It’s difficult to put into words, but evident in his body of work.

If you’d like to bring Felipe on board to create some new portraits for your family, check out the Family Portraits page here on our website, and check out his profile to learn a little more about him!