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Glenview Mansion Family Portraits | Kate & Todd’s Family

Felipe had his first session with this beautiful family late in June. It was a comfortable 78 degrees, and the grounds of the Glenview Mansion were freshly manicured, and a recent rainfall had washed some of the usual seasonal debris off the paved pathways. This would be a special session, too, focusing not just on the immediate family, but also taking advantage of one of the family’s patriarchs who was in town for a visit.

Glenview Mansion, as it usually does, made a perfect location. lots of shade, plenty of clean, open spaceĀ and it was close to home in Montgomery County. Like most sessions with small children involved, the company meandered around the grounds capturing images as they went and trying to walk the line between kids having fun being in photos and kids breaking down and checking out. Luckily, they hung in there and the photos turned out beautifully!

Check out some of our favorites form the session below, and if you’re interested in working with Felipe to captures some images of your family, check out the Family Portraits page here on our website!