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Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove Family Portraits | Seth & Ali’s Extended Family in the Rain

Rain sucks. It can be hard for families to pull everyone together, to sort through after-school activities or work schedules, and find a time that works for everyone. And then,¬†you have the weather playing this maybe-maybe-not game with the rain right up until the start of the session. It’s stressful for everyone. And that’s exactly what was happening here with this family right up until the last minute when they decided to go for it and hope for the best. And Felipe, being the master that he is, more than made-it-work.

They went with a charming and understated location, the LBJ Memorial Grove, right there along the Potomac River, which is rich with winding paths and beautiful foliage. And, this can’t stated strongly enough, a dense canopy of trees. The trees, among threatening weather, were what allowed Felipe to continue with an otherwise traditional session, under circumstances that were anything-but.

Under most circumstances, particularly if it’s a bright and sunny day, shooting under thick tree cover is less than ideal. The light cutting through the leaves tends to create an unflattering green glow. In this case though, to help control for that, Felipe used a large flash unit on a stand just off to the side to create the impression of natural light. It worked like a charm, and the results of shooting with this large extended family, speak for themselves.

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