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In Home Family Portraits | Nicole & Antwan’s Family

A lot of people like the idea of capturing images outdoors in beautiful weather, among scenic views. We like it too (if you couldn’t guess), but it’s not the only way to get special images that will underpin a host of beautiful memories. Sometimes someone in your family has mobility challenges, sometimes you need the flexibility of a familiar space, sometimes your schedule is too tight to travel all the way across the city. Or, as was the case with this family, sometimes you have a little one that just isn’t quite ready to brave the off-season elements outside. The thing is, even modest homes can become beautiful backdrops, particularly in the eyes of the little ones as they grow older.

You probably grew up in one house, then moved to another one, then another one, and on and on until one day you met someone special and you started a family. For you, the house you live in may just be one house among many that you have called home. But for your children, there’s a good chance that house isĀ the house in their memory; theirĀ first house. That’s part of the reason we don’t have any qualms about setting up there. I mean, are your family portraits likely to make you into an instagram superstar? Probably not, but is that really why you want them? The driving point of a family portrait is to help enshrine these relationships and knit you and your family together symbolically. The more authentic sentiment you can fold into your images, the more power they will have toward their ultimate purpose.

So, if you’re thinking you’d like family portraits, but feel limited in what you can do because of small children, or elderly relatives, or ill-tempered weather, take another look at your own home and ask yourself whether that might work. And, if you’re not sure, just ask! Check out some of our favorite shots from this beautiful family’s in-home session with Felipe, and check out our Family Portraits page for more details!