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Extended Family Portraits at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis

Birthdays are great occasions for portraits, whether it’s to document yourself or a loved one, or to use it as an excuse to gather the people who are important to you around and capture them being together. And that’s exactly what we were doing here. The matriarch of this family was having a birthday and her kids were coming in to town for the weekend to celebrate with her.

Having already worked with her her youngest and his family for a maternity session earlier in the year, I was excited to be invited to come and work with the whole crew. We decided to shoot at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis — a real hidden gem on the Annapolis landscape. The goal of our session was to captured photos of the different family groups because their mom wanted to fill her home with portraits of her kids and grandkids.

We got a lot of really nice shots and had a good time doing it!