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The Columbus Club of Arlington

5115 Little Falls Road,
Arlington, VA
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Tucked way in Arlington, Virginia, the Columbus Club of Arlington stands as an understated example of the city’s rich history and vibrant community life. Founded in 1919, the Knights of Columbus Arlington, a council of the Catholic fraternal organization, has been the custodian of this 10-acre property, transforming it into a popular event space that has witnessed countless memorable moments.

The Columbus Club’s story begins with its original owner, George N. Saegmuller, a farmer and businessman. The Saegmuller House, built in 1894, is a registered Virginia Historic Landmark, adding a touch of historical significance to the venue. In 1951, the Knights of Columbus purchased the property, marking the beginning of its journey as a sought-after event location.

Today, the Columbus Club is a bustling hub of activity, hosting a variety of events from weddings and receptions to corporate gatherings. The property boasts a main ballroom, a smaller ballroom, a banquet hall, a pool, and a picnic area, offering a diverse range of settings for event photography. With a capacity of up to 350 people for a seated event and up to 500 for a standing event, the Columbus Club can accommodate large gatherings while maintaining an intimate atmosphere.

The Columbus Club’s appeal extends beyond its physical attributes. Its team of experienced event planners, high-quality catering services provided by the Knights of Columbus, and a full-service bar contribute to the overall experience. The venue’s flexibility in terms of catering options allows for a customized menu to fit the needs of each event, adding a personal touch to every occasion.

Located at 5115 Little Falls Road, the Columbus Club is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for both local and out-of-town guests. Its popularity, however, necessitates early booking, especially for peak event seasons. Rental rates vary depending on the event space and the day of the week, offering options for different budget ranges.

Despite its many advantages, the Columbus Club does have its limitations. The historic nature of the property may impose certain restrictions on modifications or decorations. Additionally, while the venue is open for rental on weekdays, weekends, and holidays, availability may be limited during certain religious or fraternal events.

The Columbus Club of Arlington

5115 Little Falls Road
Arlington, VA
(703) 536-9656 x7

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