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Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island Park,
Washington, DC 20001
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Theodore Roosevelt Island is a beautiful location situated in the Potomac River between Virginia and Washington, D.C. It is a unique blend of natural settings and large monument stone scape settings, making it an ideal spot for portrait photography of all kinds.

The island was named in honor of the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, who was known for his love of nature and conservation efforts. The island was originally known as “Mason’s Island” and was owned by a local family. In 1931, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Association purchased the island and turned it into a national memorial to honor the late President.

The island features a wide range of natural settings, including wooded areas and waterfront views. Visitors can explore the island’s hiking trails and take in the beauty of the Potomac River. Additionally, there is a large central monument square that provides a unique and striking backdrop for portrait photography and a beautiful mix of soft and spotted lighting.

One of the most iconic features of Theodore Roosevelt Island is the long footbridge that spans the Potomac River. The bridge offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding area and is a popular spot for both photographers and tourists. However, visitors should be aware that parking for the island is extremely limited, so it’s best to plan your session for less popular times, such as in the morning during the week. If you need to plan a session for an afternoon on a weekend, look elsewhere. Additionally, the island requires more walking than is typical, and may not be suitable for people with mobility concerns.

Location Limitations:

This location will require a considerable amount of walking and slightly rugged trails may not be suitable for people with mobility concerns. Additionally, other visitors to the location are often difficult or impossible to avoid in photos.

Parks operated by NPS report that a permit is required for professional photography. We encourage you to obtain this permit prior to your session. In practice, the geographical size of these locations and the sheer number of visitors they receive, and the patchwork of land they account for, makes it unlikely you will be approached when performing low-impact activities (such as family portrait or engagement sessions). If you opt not to obtain a permit, be aware that you may be asked to furnish your permit, or leave if you have not obtained one.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island Park
Washington, DC 20001
703 289-2500

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Theodore Roosevelt Island is in our standard portraits service area.


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April – November

Parking info:

Parking for Theodore Roosevelt Island is the biggest challenge associated with this location. There is a dedicated parking lot located directly on George Washington Memorial Parkway, however, the popularity of this location as a tourist destination and favorite outdoors spot for locals means the lot hits capacity very quickly. There are no other parking options available, even those within a long walking distance. If you plan to use this location for your session, it is strongly recommended that you schedule during a less popular time, during the week and ideally in the morning hours.

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