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Cylburn Arboretum

4915 Greenspring Ave,
Baltimore, MD 21209
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Nestled within the vibrant city of Baltimore, Maryland, the Cylburn Arboretum is a living treasure that boasts a rich history and an enchanting atmosphere. Spanning over 207 acres, this verdant oasis offers a stunning backdrop for portrait sessions, weddings, and corporate events, making it the perfect venue for a wide range of gatherings and celebrations.

The history of Cylburn Arboretum dates back to 1863 when it was established by industrialist Jesse Tyson as a private estate. The mansion, named Cylburn for its location on the edge of the city, was designed by renowned architect George A. Frederick in the Italianate architectural style. In the following years, the estate flourished with the addition of various gardens, plant collections, and walking trails. In 1954, the City of Baltimore acquired the property and transformed it into a public arboretum, preserving its historical and botanical significance.

Cylburn Arboretum’s diverse collection of plants, trees, and flowers create an idyllic setting for portrait sessions, offering photographers and their subjects ample opportunities to capture unforgettable memories. The arboretum’s picturesque landscape also makes it a uniquely beautiful and romantic venue for weddings. Couples can exchange their vows under the shade of centuries-old trees, amidst vibrant gardens, or within the historic Cylburn Mansion itself.

For businesses seeking an engaging and distinctive corporate event location, the Cylburn Arboretum provides a refreshing alternative to traditional conference centers. The serene atmosphere encourages creativity and teamwork, while the various indoor and outdoor spaces can be tailored to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Given the expansive nature of the arboretum, guests are encouraged to choose the areas they would like to focus on beforehand. This ensures that their event, whether it be a portrait session, wedding, or corporate gathering, is truly personalized and memorable.

While permits for groups of fewer than 10 people holding a session outdoors are free, those who wish to shoot indoors at Cylburn will need to pay a fee ranging from $100 to $250, depending on the size of the group. You can learn more about event booking and portrait permits here.

Cylburn Arboretum

4915 Greenspring Ave
Baltimore, MD 21209

Portrait Permits & Costs

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$0 – $250
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Cylburn Arboretum is in our standard portraits service area.


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Parking info:

Parking is available in the visitor parking lots to the north and south of the arboretum. Which parking lot you choose should depend on where you intend to hold your session. Choose the north parking lot if you plan to shoot around Moudry Woods and the Greenhouse, and choose the south parking lot if you plan to shoot around the Vollmer Center.

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Captured at Cylburn Arboretum

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