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Fort Ward Park

4301 W Braddock Rd,
Alexandria, VA 22304
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Fort Ward Park is a hidden gem in Alexandria, Virginia, and one of the most historic locations in the region. The park was a critical installation during the Civil War, serving as a Union Army base from 1861 to 1865. It was built to defend Washington, DC, and was the fifth largest fort constructed for this purpose.

Today, Fort Ward Park is a public park and museum that is a popular destination for families, history enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a beautiful and tranquil place to relax and unwind. The park boasts a wide range of features that make it an ideal location for all sorts of different portraits.

One of the most significant draws of Fort Ward Park is its rich history. The park is one of the best-preserved Civil War forts in the country, and visitors can explore a wide range of exhibits and historical artifacts that provide a window into the past. The park’s restored Civil War battery is particularly impressive and offers a stunning backdrop for portraits.

In addition to its historical significance, Fort Ward Park is a beautiful and scenic location that offers a variety of settings for portraits. The park has open fields, wooded areas, and historical battery structures, each of which offers a different aesthetic for portraits. The park’s natural beauty is particularly striking in the fall, when the leaves change colors and provide a stunning backdrop for photos.

The park’s accessibility and amenities, public bathrooms for example, make it a popular destination for families and groups. The park is well-maintained and easy to navigate, with plenty of walking trails and picnic areas. Visitors can also participate in a variety of educational programs and activities, including guided tours, lectures, and reenactments.

Location Limitations:

Portraits may not be taken inside fort structures or the museum, and use of any equipment affixed to a tripod on the ground may require a permit. This location should be considered a natural light only location. Also note that except when special permission is granted, Fort Ward Park may have irregular hours of operation and often closes earlier than many other similar locations. Sessions at Fort Ward should be scheduled for mid-day hours.

Fort Ward Park

4301 W Braddock Rd
Alexandria, VA 22304
(703) 746-4848

Portrait Permits & Costs

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Portraits Service Area:

Fort Ward Park is in our standard portraits service area.


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April – November

Parking info:

Parking is available on the west side of the park next to the Civil War museum.

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