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Hummingbird Bar & Kitchen

220 South Union Street,
Alexandria, VA 22314
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Located in the busy downtown area of Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront, Hummingbird Bar & Kitchen is the work of award-winning Chef Cathal Armstrong and Meshelle Armstrong, the masterminds behind the renowned Restaurant Eve. Found attached to local the Hotel Indigo, this establishment is a respected piece of Alexandria’s vibrant dining scene.

The history of Hummingbird is intertwined with its creators, who have a reputation for presenting top-tier dining experiences. While the specific history of Hummingbird itself isn’t detailed on their website, the legacy of its creators speaks volumes. The Armstrongs’ dedication to quality and innovation has been a hallmark of their ventures, and Hummingbird is no exception.

Currently, Hummingbird features a chic bar and dining area that carries a clean coastal ambiance. The navy blue and white color palette, accentuated with ash wood, evokes feelings of a serene seaside retreat. One of the standout features of the restaurant is its large glass doors and panoramic views, which not only flood the space with natural light but also offer picturesque river views. This is further complemented by an outdoor patio equipped with fire features and blankets, ensuring comfort during the cooler months.

When considering Hummingbird as a location for an event with a photography component, several factors make it an good choice. Firstly, the restaurant’s aesthetic, with its coastal vibe and river views, provides a pleasing and unique backdrop for events like small weddings, dinner parties, and corporate meetings. The natural lighting, both inside and from the patio, is a boon for photographers aiming to capture candid moments in their true essence. Furthermore, the restaurant’s waterfront location offers opportunities for ceremonies or photo sessions by the water, adding a touch of elegance and romance to the occasion.

However, like all venues, there are certain limitations to consider. The coastal theme might not align with all event aesthetics or personal preferences. Additionally, while the large glass features offer beautiful views to the eye, they might pose challenges in terms of reflections or glare during certain times of the day. You should speak to your photographer about the time of day your event will be held and consider how the natural light will flood the restaurant at that time. That said, in all circumstances, a skilled photographer should have techniques at their disposal to overcome challenges such as these, though sometimes at the cost of the venue’s more natural aesthetic.

Hummingbird Bar & Kitchen

220 South Union Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 566-1355

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You may find parking along South Union Street, but other street parking is available throughout downtown. You may also find paid lot parking along Strand Street, and garage parking on South Union Street.

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