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The Hampton Mansion

535 Hampton Lane,
Towson, MD 21286
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The Hampton Mansion, a Georgian manor house located in Towson, Baltimore County, Maryland, was completed in 1790 by businessman Capt. Charles Ridgely and his wife Rebecca Dorsey. The estate was owned by the Ridgely family for seven generations, from 1745 to 1948, and is now preserved as the Hampton National Historic Site and open to the public.

This grand example of late-Georgian architecture in America, which was possibly the largest private home in America by 1790, boasts a two-story brick structure with a five-part facade and a hipped roof. The mansion has a central block with two hyphens and two flanking wings, and a Palladian-inspired central block with a pedimented portico supported by four Ionic columns.

As a historic site, the Hampton Mansion has significant historical value. The estate evolved through the actions of the Ridgely family, enslaved African Americans, European indentured servants, and paid laborers within the nation, offering visitors an opportunity to learn about American history and the ways in which the lives of the wealthy and enslaved intersected. The knowledgeable and passionate staff provide a fascinating tour of the mansion, offering insight into the life of the family who lived there and the history of the house.

The mansion and its grounds offer a variety of settings for a portrait session. The well-maintained gardens and grounds provide a lovely backdrop for outdoor portraits, with options ranging from manicured lawns to more natural settings. The original stone slave quarters could be used as a backdrop for more thought-provoking or documentary-style portraits. However, visitors should be mindful and maintain respect for the difficult history this location holds. Not all areas should be approached with the kind of whimsy that typical portrait sessions may engender. The mansion’s history and significance as a preserved piece of American history adds a meaningful context to any portrait session.

If planning to hold a portrait session at the Hampton Mansion, it is important to keep in mind that the mansion is open to the public, and it is important to be mindful of other visitors and their experiences. Certain areas of the mansion and grounds may be off-limits or require special permission to use for photography. Coordination with the staff of the Hampton National Historic Site is essential to ensure that all guidelines are followed, and that the portrait session does not disrupt the historic site or other visitors.

The Hampton Mansion

535 Hampton Lane
Towson, MD 21286

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Parking is available in the on site parking lot west of the mansion.

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